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The piece I teased last time is up now at Loner Magazine, you can read it here:

It’s a departure from religion or politics, yet it’s an important journey through a part of history that’s still there but harder to find in the digital age.  I was happy I was able to follow up with a loved one of one of the letter writers in a comic book from 20 years ago, but there was actually a lot more from that letters page I tried to cover but for various reasons was unable to.

I didn’t get ahold of Norrie May-Welby like I wanted.  The same issue was dedicated to DC Creative Director Neal Pozner, who had just died.  Pozner’s partner and caretaker until his death was future superstar Phil Jimenez, who I’ve met at conventions on multiple occasions.  Unfortunately, space didn’t permit me to pursue that angle this time.  Maybe someday there will be a part two.

As I say in the article, everybody has somebody else’s untold story.  I hope this can inspire some other bloggers to keep someone’s memory alive like I’ve tried to do, or to help share Kevin’s story with the world.  Please feel free to share any of your stories in the comments.  Thanks for reading.

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Latest Piece: Black Churches Matter

I’m continuing to branch out in my writing profession, my latest contribution is for Longer Magazine, you can read it here:

Black Churches Matter

This one was kind of a challenge because it was the first time I had been assigned a subject, but the editor seemed to have been impressed.  She also accepted my pitch for another article that I’m eagerly working on at this very moment and can’t wait to share.  That one will be less political or religious.  To give it a little tease, it all started with an Incredible Hulk comic book twenty years ago and currently has me trying to contact a transgender activist in Australia.  It might be my favorite piece I’ve ever written.  Stay tuned.

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