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The piece I teased last time is up now at Loner Magazine, you can read it here:

It’s a departure from religion or politics, yet it’s an important journey through a part of history that’s still there but harder to find in the digital age.  I was happy I was able to follow up with a loved one of one of the letter writers in a comic book from 20 years ago, but there was actually a lot more from that letters page I tried to cover but for various reasons was unable to.

I didn’t get ahold of Norrie May-Welby like I wanted.  The same issue was dedicated to DC Creative Director Neal Pozner, who had just died.  Pozner’s partner and caretaker until his death was future superstar Phil Jimenez, who I’ve met at conventions on multiple occasions.  Unfortunately, space didn’t permit me to pursue that angle this time.  Maybe someday there will be a part two.

As I say in the article, everybody has somebody else’s untold story.  I hope this can inspire some other bloggers to keep someone’s memory alive like I’ve tried to do, or to help share Kevin’s story with the world.  Please feel free to share any of your stories in the comments.  Thanks for reading.


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Latest Piece: Black Churches Matter

I’m continuing to branch out in my writing profession, my latest contribution is for Longer Magazine, you can read it here:

Black Churches Matter

This one was kind of a challenge because it was the first time I had been assigned a subject, but the editor seemed to have been impressed.  She also accepted my pitch for another article that I’m eagerly working on at this very moment and can’t wait to share.  That one will be less political or religious.  To give it a little tease, it all started with an Incredible Hulk comic book twenty years ago and currently has me trying to contact a transgender activist in Australia.  It might be my favorite piece I’ve ever written.  Stay tuned.

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Dennis Hastert Is Every Republican Scandal Ever

It’s been a busy week, my Josh Duggar piece was the most popular article ever on Political Moll, and I’ve got another one up now.  Please check it out here:
Why Dennis Hastert Is the Face of Republican Hypocrisy
Of course, as is typical, after I submitted the final draft I read a quote on Facebook that I wish I had written myself:

Leave it to a conservative Republican hero to hit the hypocrisy quadrifecta: sexual abuse of a minor, closeted homosexuality, political corruption and cover-up.

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What Conservatives Don’t Get about the Josh Duggar Scandal

My latest piece is up at Political Moll and is getting a lot of attention!  You can check it out here:

What Conservatives Don’t Get about the Josh Duggar Scandal

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Latest Article: The Road to Baltimore Was Paved with Racial Injustice

Please check out my latest piece published on Political Moll:

The Road to Baltimore Was Paved with Racial Injustice

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I’m Now a Contributor on Political Moll

I’m excited to announce that I’m now a contributor on Political Moll.

You can read my first article there now:

The Real Reason The Right Wants To Ban Gay Marriage

Going forward, posts that are more political in nature will be appearing there, but I’ll still be tackling religious topics on this blog, and of course I’ll let my readers know when a new article posts over there.  Stay tuned.

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So this is Seer Stone

seer stone

Joseph Smith's Seer Stone

Since it seems everyone else in the world has a blog (or two), including my 3-year old nephew and the homeless guy who lives by the back dumpster, it’s been long overdue for me to start one of my own.

“What is Seer Stone” you ask?  Anyone familiar with Mormonism in any way–even if only through the South Park episode “All About Mormons”–already knows that seer stones were commonly used by Joseph Smith and other early Mormons to receive their revelations from God.   This blog will not focus solely on Mormonism, although it will heavily document another project of mine in the works pertaining to the Book of Mormon.  The actual point of Seer Stone, however, is really to critically analyze a wide range of scriptures from various world religions, to uncover how different believers determine their canon, how they view revelation and divine inspiration, and  how they determine what makes a writing scripture.

Most people, even religious people, don’t understand the fundamental differences between how different religions see their own scriptures.  Fundamentalism, for instance, has given Christianity a flawed understanding of its own scriptures, which has made Protestantism particularly vulnerable to Mormon proselytization (but more on that later).

Who am I?  First of all, I’m an amateur theologian, not a scholar, so this blog won’t delve too deeply into archeology or original languages (except for the Book of Mormon, which sorry, was originally written in English).  If you haven’t guessed by now, Seer Stone will not be pro-Mormon; if you’re that closed-minded to criticism then that’s your cue to exit now.  It will not, however, be aggressively anti-Mormon; in fact, I hope to illuminate some of the literary value that Mormons overlook in their agenda-driven ambition to want to believe the Book of Mormon as a literal, historical, or scriptural account.  While every topic will be covered from a Christian perspective, I anticipate many Christians will find some controversial topics challenging or even uncomfortable.  Some other topics I hope to cover on Seer Stone may include:

  • The Apostle Paul and the Buddha’s last words
  • Moses and the Baghavad Gita
  • Harmony of the Gospels (I wish I had tracked this on a blog when I did this project before)
  • Harmony of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles
  • Questionable books in the Christian canon
  • Source material of the Qur’an
  • and, hopefully, any topics by request.
So even if you’re not a Mormon enthusiast, if you’re interested in any religion or even atheism, there should be something to interest you or discuss here.

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